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Transform your garden into a hub of relaxation with a garden studio from Timber Rooms!

At Timber Rooms, we fuse style and art to create fully functional masterpieces that can deliver a haven of solitude, a hive of activity, or a holistic hideaway to your garden.

No matter the reason for a garden studio, Timber Rooms can make it happen.

With over 10 years of experience, our team meticulously design, plan, and execute your vision to make sure your garden studio not only matches but exceeds your expectations. Using only the finest materials available, our versatile garden studios provide you with a year-round room that delivers multiple benefits.

Why have a garden studio?

Why have a garden studio?

Why not! A garden studio allows you to take your home life outside and make more use of the green space you own. With options for a golf studio installation, a garden office or simply a relaxing hideaway that takes you away from the noise of the home, a garden room provides you with countless options whether they be for work, rest, or play. A garden studio though, is where you can make creative magic happen!

Because our garden studios are built to your exact specifications and requirements, we can completely overhaul and reinvent an area of your garden that was once left to waste and make it into something special.

A rustic garden studio for example, within the grounds of a cottage garden could easily set the scene for a calming room used purely for watching the world go by as you let the creativity flow. A more contemporary style garden studio may sit perfectly next to your pool, or at the back of your garden and become the social hub for hosting classes or entertaining when you have guests.

No matter what the reasons are for the addition of a garden studio, Timber Rooms has you covered. Whether there is a need for a garden studio shed, a garden studio office, or a soundproof garden studio that allows you to turn the volume up to eleven, we can help.

But how do we do it?

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Garden studio design

Garden studio design

We start with a site visit where we listen to you explain your garden studio dream. We listen to your questions, we provide detailed answers, we hear your concerns, we allay them, and then, once you have given us all the information relating to this garden transformation, our expert design team gets to work.

Taking into account all of the aspects of how you want your garden studio design to look and how you want the studio to function, we will provide you with a series of detailed and informative 3D drawings that show how we will convert the space into your premium garden studio.

If you spot anything missing in the design, and we are sure you won’t, simply ask us to change it. We will then carefully recreate a new design ready for your approval.

If you are happy with the designs, and approve the comprehensive, informative, and bespoke quote, simply speak to us to book in our build team. Our quotes are created around your exact needs and as a result, are unique to you. If you see anything that you feel should be added, removed, or altered, just let us know. We are more than happy to refresh the quote to match any changes you may require. We only proceed with construction once you give us the go-ahead.

This is where things start to get really exciting!

We believe in consistency and commitment so upon arrival, our team will introduce themselves to you, explaining the build process. That same team will then attend the property each day to complete the build of your garden studio. Using the highest specification of materials and the same construction methods used in the building of timber houses, we leave your garden with a well-insulated, solid, durable garden studio that will last a lifetime. And what’s more, we provide a ten-year guarantee and offer a 3 month period where we return to rectify an minor issues that may occur.

All year-round fully insulated soundproof garden studio

All year-round fully insulated soundproof garden studio

You’ll want the studio for your garden to handle the elements well, and a Timber Rooms construction, whether it be one of our bespoke products or one of our small garden studios you can assemble yourself does just that. With full insulation, you can remain comfortable and get full enjoyment from your garden studio 365 days a year. We can even add heating, and electricity should you need it so that comfort is never compromised.

For many though, a garden studio is an escape room. An escape from the kids, the spouse or the in-laws and it’s at times like this that you want to turn the music up loud and take yourself away. With soundproofing an option and double glazing as standard, you can rock out, enjoy a cinematic experience, or just simply shut off that outside noise and drift off in a dream-like state making yourself feel a million miles from home despite being just yards from your back door!

Whatever you want to use a garden studio for, the versatility gives you potentially endless options. From one moment using it as a place to perfect your painting or curate your craft the next it can be switched from playrooms to physios, from gyms to golfing and so much more. A stunning garden studio from Timber Rooms can offer it all. Contact our team today to start your garden transformation.

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