Golf Simulator Garden Room

Golf Studio Package

Golf Studio Package

4.00m Wide x 7.00m Deep x 3.20m High

Fully functioning Golf Studio for professional golfers and passionate recreational players alike.

Designed to allow for year round play in luxurious comfort.

£74,950.00 inc VAT
Subject to site survey and permitted development guidelines

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Golf Studio Specifications

Building Dimensions

  • Overall dimensions 7.00m x 4.00m 
  • Overall height 3.20m
  • Base area 28.0m2 
  • Roof area 31.4m2

Design Detail

  • Overhang of 400mm to front and side elevations​​​

External Wall Specification

  • Cladding choice attached to 19mm x 38mm pressure treated batten
  • Breathable membrane
  • 11mm structural OSB3
  • 100mm x 47mm structural timber at 400mm centres

External Finish

  • Cement fibre composite cladding in click profile to all elevations (Colour options anthracite grey – slate grey – black – chestnut brown)

Roofing and Rainwater System

  • Flat roof with EPDM rubber membrane 
  • 195mm x 45mm C24 pressure treated joists
  • 18mm OSB3
  • UPVC anthracite grey trims
  • UPVC black guttering and downpipe

Floor Construction

  • 125mm x 47mm 
  • 18mm moisture resistant tongue and groove floorboards 


  • Wall – 100mm eco wool 
  • Floor – 50mm expanded foam board
  • Roof – 100mm expanded foam board

Internal Finish

  • 12.5mm plasterboard to walls and ceiling
  • Double skim plaster
  • Painted white emulsion
  • 94mm pencil round skirting
  • Full size projector screen
  • Acoustic panelling

Flooring finish

  • 8mm laminate floor in light grey oak
  • Artificial grass

Doors & Windows

  • Sliding doors measuring 2.35m wide x 2.04m high master door to the right
  • 2.00m x 1.00m twin sash opening window
  • UPVC profiles
  • Anthracite grey in and out
  • Low-E UV coating
  • Insurance backed locking system


  • Recessed LED spotlights – 10 internally, 7 externally in roof overhang
  • 8 switched double sockets
  • Double dimmer switch
  • Fused spur
  • GC3 launch monitor with FSX 2020, FSX Pro & FSX Play
  • Gaming PC with touch screen monitor
  • HD ceiling mounted projector ​​

Electrical Connection

  • Connection from mains supply to mini consumer unit inside building
  • CAT 6 cable connection

Pending Site Visit


  • Construction of a 6″ concrete base including clearance concrete lorry and pump

Pending Site Visit

Interactive Golf Studio

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Foresight Sports Europe

Optional Extras for your Golf Simulator Garden Room


  • Hyco Avignon 900w dynamic heater with 7 day timer

​        £585.00 inc VAT

Air Conditioning

  • Daikin 4kw warm/cool remote controlled unit

​        £2,990.00 inc VAT

Launch Monitor Upgrade

  • Upgrade from GC3 to GC Quad with Club Data, FSX 2020, FSX Pro & FSX Play

​        £13,320.00 inc VAT

Golf Simulator Garden Room

Golf Simulator Garden Room

Sometimes you just want to hit the course or practice that swing but the weather does not look too kind. With the fluctuating conditions we experience in the UK, it is no wonder people are looking to head to the links in a slightly more different way than normal.

Golf simulator garden rooms are rising in popularity in the UK and give keen golfers plenty of opportunity to relive the experiences of their golfing heroes on world-famous courses or practice techniques on virtual driving ranges and fictional courses created by the simulator.

So should you be on the lookout for a way to play more golf but find the weather against you or the course fees quite steep, let Timber Rooms take care of you with a self-contained bespoke golf studio! Built to withstand lofty swings, our multi-use garden rooms provide the perfect opportunity for golfers of all ages to practice or compete, without having to move far from the home at all!

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Designing and constructing your garden room golf simulator

Designing and constructing your garden room golf simulator

We want you to be able to enjoy your garden golf room and utilise its benefits to the maximum. That is why alongside our team, you have the opportunity to design your garden golf room just how you want it to be. Subject to permitted development guidelines, we bring it to life!

Should you want it to double up as a garden office, a bar or even a kid’s playroom, our expert team of garden room designers can help make it happen. We can even factor in underfloor heating, lighting, or air con to add extra realism to your golfing experience.

We start with a site visit where we meet you and listen to your plans. Together, we then work out the potential for realising your dream. In some instances, garden rooms can require planning permission, and if that is the case, we can advise you on how best to design your room so you can avoid that added complication.

Once a design is agreed upon and you are happy with the quote provided, we begin getting to work. At Timber Rooms, we only opt for the highest quality materials to ensure longevity, quality aesthetics and value for money.  Take this poolside golf room in Surrey for example. With stunning cedar, sliding doors and plenty of windows for natural light, it allows for a perfect escape from a noisy household!

With low maintenance and sustainability at heart, your garden golf room from Timber Rooms provides you with a leisure space that doesn’t break the bank balance for you to be able to use it and doesn’t have you need to trim the grass before you tee off!

Furthermore, with the addition of LED lighting, you can drive down the energy costs as you drive up the fairway.

Features and equipment for your golf simulator garden room

Features and equipment for your golf simulator garden room

Technology for simulators has developed rapidly over the past few years. The evolving world of VR has seen to that. This means that now, you can replicate world-famous courses and even make your own with ease.

With our team able to create the perfect bespoke golf simulator garden room, we can adapt it to your exact needs. Factor in the best tech with GC3 or GC Quad launch monitor technology and your golfing room brings your course to life. With monitoring of swing, distance, and speed, you can perfect your put or drill down on your drive, without being caught in the rain.

The HD ceiling-mounted projector allows for a crystal clear and realistic golfing experience whilst the dimmer switches help you create variable conditions inside your golfing room. Add in the gaming PC with a touchscreen monitor and your golf room illustrates just how far simulators have come over the past few years. And don’t forget, with the room being away from the home, you can embrace the best possible sound systems for playing music, watching TV or listening to the crisp sound of the club hitting the ball!

It isn’t all about the tech though, the artificial grass we add to help replicate your golfing green is long-lasting, vibrant, and as close to the real thing as you could get, often leaving you wondering if you really are on a course rather than in a room!

This doesn’t take up all the floor space though! With the dimensions our golf simulator garden room provides and the addition of 8 double switch sockets, you can add in plenty of additional features. Mini-bar, TV, games consoles or just some seating for you and your guests to relax on.

Simply ask us for guidance or come to us with suggestions, we would be happy to help you!

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Additional uses for your garden room golf simulator

Additional uses for your garden room golf simulator

We have already mentioned the incredible additions that can be added to your golf simulator garden room but what about giving it a new use entirely?

The floor space in our golf rooms is large. Large enough that you can give it plenty of multiple uses. Home gym? Yoga space? Or simply a playroom for the kids. The possibilities are close to endless. With storage space to keep your golf gear safe, anyone can benefit from your stunning new garden room.


The benefits of having your own golf simulator garden room

The benefits of having your own golf simulator garden room

Golf can be played all year round, it just tends to be enjoyed more when the sun is shining and the nights are a little longer. With the golf garden room package from Timber Rooms, you get 365 days a year and 24 hours a day of perfect golf conditions.

Ideal for practice, perfect for parties and a quick, easy and cheap way to get the clubs out without having to head to the local courses only to find they are way too busy for your liking!

Thanks to how we can incorporate multiple features into your garden golf simulator, it becomes the perfect venue to host friends, family or even work events. A driving range competition with some music from the powerful sound system and some drinks from the minibar can help convert your room from a practice zone to a party zone.

Perhaps you aren’t looking to add one to your garden but can see the commercial benefits of adding a simulator to your business. With the rise in demand for virtual events, a golf simulator room provides an additional revenue stream to leisure venues with the potential for rental or marketing purposes. Speak to us to find out how we can install a golf simulation room for your business. We can even add a garden pod that could become your club storage room or double up as a room for guests to store their belongings!


Want to add a garden pod? See how easy it is!

Reach out to our team today to see how we can turn your dreams into reality. Our Sussex-based garden room experts have many years of experience in constructing the perfect, durable, premium garden golf simulator room for you or your business.

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