Rustic Studio

Robertsbridge - East Sussex

Nestled into the corner of the mature garden of a beautiful old cottage is this rustic garden studio. Sometimes the setting lends itself to a garden room that needs to blend into its surroundings and in this case, the addition of waney edge douglas fir cladding creates a very different look to some of the other popular finishes.

With the contour of the tree and some of the bark still visible it is both striking and subtle and as a result compliments the property perfectly.

This garden room is used as a therapy studio so it was necessary to create a calm and comfortable environment. Our construction method offers both excellent insulating properties as well as fantastic soundproofing. In addition, part of the design remit was to allow plenty of natural light into the building without compromising wall space. We specified two high, thin windows to let as much light in as possible whilst maintaining wall space for furniture.

All in all, the finished garden studio positioned in this tranquil garden is the perfect setting for a safe and relaxed environment.

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