Garden Pool House

A garden pool house is an incredible addition to the green space of the home that allows you to reap all the rewards of a trip to the swimming pool or sauna without having to venture into the overcrowded and costly local pools and facilities.

With premium comfort, and a fantastic array of variable add-ons, a garden pool house is your own version of heaven so that when you leave that pool, you can dry off, chill out and relax in comfortable, cosy and private seclusion.

Crafted to impeccable high standards by our master craftsmen, a garden pool house from Timber Rooms gives you a feature outside of the home that can be used for whatever purpose you desire. Perhaps the idea we mentioned above isn’t a priority and instead, you want a perfect storage facility for all your pool accessories, maybe you want a garden gym room to make sure the workout doesn’t end, or maybe you have an altogether different use for it. Simply let our team know and we will turn your dreams of a Sussex garden pool house into a reality.

Perhaps you want to combine multiple uses for your garden pool room? Well, that is where Timber Rooms excels! We build these rooms with multifunctionality in mind unless you have one specific purpose for it.

Add in that these rooms are good for year-round usage and those moments when you need to get out of the house to relax are made even simpler. Simply enter your own private world at the back of the garden to let the stresses of the day be removed.

Sometimes though, you want these rooms to be the hub of activity and in those summer months and longer evenings, your garden pool house can turn into a bar or maybe even a home cinema!

Whatever you decide, let Timber Rooms help you create something special!

Bespoke garden room pool house Designs

Bespoke garden room pool house Designs

At Timber Rooms, we know that any home improvement project is something you will spend lots of time considering. You want everything just right! And that is why our luxurious and high-quality garden room pool houses are built exactly how you want them.

Our team will come and visit you to get an idea of exactly what you have in mind. Our design team will then factor in all your requirements to ensure that your pool house has just the right amount of storage space, plenty of power and any additions you want that may add to its uses.

With all your requirements considered, you will be presented with a series of 3D drawings that show how we will turn your dream into reality.

If you think we have missed something or you have had a change of heart with how you want your garden pool room to look, let us know. Our team will gladly amend the plans to match your specific requirements. Whether it be the addition of extra power, another window, or a change of layout, we will create brand-new plans that include all of your changes.

If you are happy with the design, and the quote, our team will then book a date with you for the construction to begin. The same team will be with you for the duration of the project. We believe consistency is so important in these projects.

Only using the best materials and constructing your pool room to the highest possible specification, your room, once constructed, is built to last a lifetime and will be fully insulated meaning you get full enjoyment out of it all year long.

Regardless of the room type you choose, whether it be bespoke or pod, you can enjoy being poolside in comfort and luxury. With sustainability high on the agenda too, the use of low-power LED lights keeps the costs down and the well-insulated walls mean no need for additional heating in the winter and no need for fans in the summer. Unless of course, you want them!

Why choose a garden pool house?

Why choose a garden pool house?

Your pool house can serve a host of purposes and how you use it throughout the year is down to you but with a Timber Rooms installation, you can benefit from a truly multi-functional poolside room.

Whether it be purely for storage or for entertaining, whether it be for work, or whether it be for play, you can guarantee a room from us serves its core purpose as well as many more.

Think of it another way too! If you’ve got visitors, especially friends of the kids and there are lots of people enjoying the pool, your garden pool room is a great way to stop those drips and towels all accumulating in the kitchen, hallway or any other room of the house!

With rooms purpose-built from materials that are perfect for handling increased footfall, spillages and even the chemicals in pool water, you can be safe in the knowledge your house stays untouched by anything pool-related!

Poolside downtime

A pool room doesn’t just have to be for you to keep the pool accessories stored. With the power supply connected to the room, you can enjoy film nights, dinner parties or even a little golf practice. Yes, that’s right! A garden pool room can accommodate those features, meaning you can bring things that you may normally reserve for the home to the garden and give visitors something a little more unique to enjoy. Our garden golf rooms double up perfectly as pool houses due to the lack of space needed within a golf room to create its full effect.

And should none of those features inspire you, just think about how with a sound system, ambient lighting and a mini bar, you can retire you the pool house when home life is getting a little hectic and feel a world away from it all!

Home from home features

When you are outside, you want to be able to enjoy your time by the pool or in your pool house so heading back to the house to get a drink, dry off, or have a shower kind of disrupts the vibe you were perhaps aiming for. So, consider factoring in options that cover all of that with your Timber Rooms garden pool house. When designing your bespoke room, factor in a water supply and you could add a shower, kitchen facilities or even both!

Just let our team know at the design stage and we can make the magic happen so that when you are out enjoying your pool, you can treat it like you are away from home!

Increasing your house value

The addition of a stylish, multi-functional room in your garden can work wonders for your home. In some instances, it could even add as much as 15% to the value of your home! It soon makes the expense of having the room created look worthwhile when you see the potential profit it helps deliver.

And with a room from Timber Rooms, its carefully crafted construction means that you can benefit from that increase years after you had the room added to your garden!

Affordable, sustainable, and quick garden pool house installation

Affordable, sustainable, and quick garden pool house installation

We work with full transparency at Timber Rooms and will never hide costs or timescales from you. If a job is going to take a specific amount of time, we will make sure we work to that timescale and if for any reason there is a delay or we finish the job earlier than planned, you will always be the first to know.

With prices, much of it is down to your individual requests but we make sure that everything is laid out in the simplest terms so you are never left unsure what a charge is for or why it has accrued.


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Requirements for a garden pool house

Requirements for a garden pool house

You will be pleased to know for almost all installations you will not be required to seek planning permission. This can be a weight off the shoulders as an installation contravening the rules can prove costly!

As long as your pool room falls within the permitted development rights of the property you won’t need planning permission. If your room doesn’t exceed two floors high, you are not using it as a permanent living space and there is no balcony or veranda, for example, you will be within the rules.

What should be noted though is that with the addition of toilets, showers or other aspects that could be seen as associated with the main house, you will need to seek planning permission. Always seek guidance from your local authority before proceeding with having anything installed and only once you have a clear understanding should you proceed.

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