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Yoga is incredibly popular in the UK, with estimates of just under half a million people taking a class each week. Sometimes though, the availability of classes doesn’t suit our schedule, and we have to miss out on doing something we enjoy!

Timber Rooms change that! We create premium bespoke garden yoga studios that allow you to enjoy year-round yoga, no matter the weather, no matter the time.

Connect with your spiritual side from the safe confines of your garden and take your yoga to any level you wish in your own purpose-built yoga garden studio.

Whether the aim of your yoga studio is for your well-being, or you own a business and are restricted by costly studio hire fees, a yoga garden studio carefully constructed by Timber Rooms allows you to develop yourself, or your class as and when you want to.

Perfectly placed in your garden to enjoy the best of nature and the best of the sunlight, your yoga garden studio will become your peaceful, idyllic haven for relaxation, spiritual wellbeing and welcoming pupils.

Designing a garden yoga studio

Designing a garden yoga studio

At Timber Rooms, we appreciate that this is your space. Your place to practice or teach yoga.  We don’t just offer a standard yoga studio for the garden. We work with you to deliver a premium building that matches your needs.

We start with a visit to your home and a viewing of the garden. Listening to your plans and dreams, our expert team meticulously creates a set of design drawings to show you how your vision will come to life.

Did you want light to enter from certain angles? Should the room face a certain way? Do you need storage space for belongings if hosting classes in your studio? All of this can be incorporated in these early stages. Our team will listen, advise where necessary, and compose a set of 3D drawings that replicate your wishes for your yoga studio.

Then, should you be happy with them and feel ready to proceed, we work alongside you to set a plan in place so that your yoga studio turns from a dream into a reality. However, should the initial designs not be to your liking, just let us know! We won’t start any of the building process until you are happy that your garden yoga studio design matches the needs of you and anyone else who uses it.

Start your garden yoga studio plans

Bespoke garden yoga studios

Bespoke garden yoga studios

We know that you are the expert when it comes to yoga. And whilst we have built many bespoke yoga garden rooms, we know that for each yoga teacher or enthusiast, there are specifics that some like and others don’t. That is why we let you lead the way, and then we use our expertise to transform your chosen space into your vision of a yoga studio.

You might require air conditioning, perhaps you want a water connection so it’s possible to have a shower after a session. Maybe you want a separate relaxation room attached so you can take a seat, listen to some music, or just have a chat after perfecting your poses. Could underfloor heating benefit you or your pupils? Maybe you want to add a garden gym room to make it a full health and wellbeing suite, or a garden sauna room to help those muscles ease up.

Whatever the requirements, our team of expert constructors and designers ensure nothing is missed. And, should it not be possible to accommodate one of your requirements, our team will always explain why and show suitable alternatives that deliver you similar or even better results.

Using only premium materials and the same construction methods as seen in timber frame housing, you can remain safe in the knowledge, your garden yoga studio is built to not only look great but built to last too.

Start the process today with a call to our team and see how we can transform an empty space into the perfect and peaceful yoga haven you deserve.

The benefits of a garden room yoga studio

The benefits of a garden room yoga studio

If yoga classes have been proving expensive or illusive, or as an instructor you have found hall hire prohibitive, a yoga garden studio can prove to be an excellent solution. A perfect way to have 24-hour access to a yoga studio means you can partake in your favourite method of relaxation and spiritual well-being without time restraints. And, should you be a teacher, you’ll find you aren’t tied down to the operating hours of a hired facility, as you can host classes any day and time you choose without restriction.

These are of course fantastic benefits in themselves but there are other reasons the introduction of a Timber Rooms garden room yoga studio could be advantageous.

  • Getting back to nature. British weather isn’t always ideal, so enjoying yoga outside may often be difficult. With a yoga studio in your garden, you can still enjoy the sights, smells, and harmony it brings without having to get wet or cold. Built for year-round use, our bespoke yoga room constructions are fully insulated too, meaning you’ll be cool when it’s too hot and warm when it gets cold.
  • Always available. Finding the perfect work-life balance can be hard. Unfortunately, this means you sometimes miss out on the things you love. With a yoga garden studio, you have 24/7 access to your unique yoga facility, enabling you to practice poses, teach classes or realign your chi, whenever you want.
  • Cost saving. Booking into classes is great, but when you share a studio with several other people, you may not always get your money’s worth. Factor in your travel too, and suddenly, heading to a class twice a week eats not only into your time but your money. Save cash, and perfect your poise by spending as long or as little as you want in your own customised garden yoga studio.
  • Freedom. Yoga classes are great, you can learn from others, have fun, and develop your skills. For some of us though, being away from judging eyes is preferable. A garden room yoga studio allows that freedom. For teachers, it becomes easier to hold one-to-one classes, and for those diving into yoga independently, the garden room gives you the chance to work at your speed and ability without being judged by others or feeling uncomfortable about your ability.
  • Customised yoga studio. Along with having the freedom to use your garden yoga studio when you like, you can also make it look and feel exactly how you want it to. A personalised, bespoke yoga room that helps you reach your goals and increase your mental wellbeing.

Of course, for each person, the advantages of having a purpose-built yoga studio may differ and should you have any specifics relating to design, layout, or purpose, just let us know. We will endeavour to make your garden yoga studio the peaceful paradise you want it to be.

Yoga garden studio pricing

Yoga garden studio pricing

At Timber Rooms, we believe in full transparency and that is why on our initial site visit, we listen to you before doing anything else. That way we get a full indication of what you require and why. Our designers will then carefully incorporate your needs into the plans, working alongside you to make sure everything is how you want it. From there, we provide you with a bespoke quote. At this stage, if you feel some changes are necessary, just let us know and our designers will amend the plans and the quote accordingly. Once happy, you book our team in, paying a 25% deposit for your yoga garden studio. We can then start the construction process and organise weekly payments to settle the bill for your garden yoga studio. Once finished, as part of the service, we will show you how to use anything that has been incorporated into the yoga studio so you can start enjoying it right away.

Over the following three months, our team will be free to attend your property should any minor issues occur that hamper its quality. In addition, when you purchase a garden yoga studio from Timber Rooms, you benefit from a ten-year structural guarantee.

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Does a garden room yoga studio require planning permission?

Does a garden room yoga studio require planning permission?

You’ll be pleased to know that in most cases, a yoga studio for your garden will not require planning permission and is instead classed as a permitted development. You would just have to ensure that your yoga garden studio:

  • Does not have more than two floors.
  • Does not become a permanent residence for anybody.
  • Does not take up more than 50% of the garden surface.
  • Does not pass the front of your house.
  • Has eaves no higher than 2.5m.
  • Does not have an overall height of more than 4m on an apex or reverse apex roof.
  • Does not have an overall height of more than 3m on any other roof type.


Should you be unsure at any stage, just ask our team and we will be delighted to offer our assistance.

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