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For beauticians, masseuses, nail technicians and make-up artists, a garden salon provides the perfect base for a business to be run from home. Convenient, cost-effective, and built to match the exact specifications of the owner, a garden beauty room from Timber Rooms provides business owners with the ideal workplace to help generate a work-life balance that may have previously been missing.

Our years of expertise in constructing bespoke timber garden rooms allow us to turn a vision into a reality, and with no need for planning permission (as long as the building does not exceed specific rules) you can avoid plenty of the red tape that can often make setting up a business so tricky.

Whether this is a new business venture, or an upgrade on an existing garden salon, choosing Timber Rooms to help create your garden beauty salon is the ideal solution.

Bespoke garden beauty rooms

Bespoke garden beauty rooms

No matter what aspect of the beauty trade you specialise in, Timber Rooms can create a completely bespoke beauty room in your garden that fulfils all the needs your business will require. We construct them with you and your business in mind, carefully listening to your ideas and then turning them into a stunning design. So, whether you need space for hair washing, room for a nail bar, or a relaxing waiting room to be factored in, just tell us, and we will ensure no aspect of your garden salon is missed.

It all starts with a phone call where you outline your plans. We then attend the site and get the full lowdown from you. What you want, where you want it, and how you want it to look. We factor in customer flow, comfort, and style. We look at power supplies, water connections, and insulation, and then we begin to design. Never forgetting the aim of creating a beauty salon that provides your customers with a welcoming venue, and you with a workplace you can be proud of.

With storage space, heating, air conditioning, and entertainment all factored into the design should you require them, the possibilities are potentially endless. Want to add music and TVs for added customer comfort? No problem! Need a storage room to keep tanning products, nail varnishes and other beauty products? Leave it with us! Whatever your needs, Timber Rooms have it covered.

Our expert team of garden salon room designers will carefully curate a set of 3D drawings illustrating your soon-to-be-created business base. Should you see something you want to change, just let us know, we then tinker with the plans to make sure your needs are met. Once satisfied, we can book in our team and begin turning your empty space into an alluring garden beauty room.

We send the same team to your property each day of the build to help foster a rapport and keep an air of continuity, we believe that ensuring there is a bond between our clients and engineers is so important.

With a 10-year structural guarantee, your garden salon is built to last and withstand the elements for years to come. We’ll even attend up to three months after its construction to help rectify any minor issues you may have discovered.

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Benefits of a garden beauty salon

Benefits of a garden beauty salon

You may have been considering renting a space within the town, city, or village that you are based in but astronomical rents, lack of parking options, and the local competition may make that a step too far. Especially if you are starting a brand-new business. Asking Timber Rooms to construct your garden beauty room means you can reap the rewards of a host of benefits that allow you to help push your business further and retain a more consistent work-life balance.

Whether new or established as a business in the beauty trade, the benefits we show below mean that a garden room beauty salon stands to give you results a high street store will not:

  • No rent– Using your garden as a base, saves on the costly rents charged on vacant properties on high streets or shopping centres.
  • No commute– Saving you money on petrol, train fares or bus fares and avoiding the stress of delays, you can simply step out the back door at home and be in your workplace within seconds.
  • Trade all day long, all year long– Where shopping centres trade to specific hours and high streets lose their footfall at certain times, you can benefit from trading around the exact needs of the people who wish to book your beauty services. With our rooms insulated and equipped with heating or air con you can trade all year long without fear of either you or your customers feeling uncomfortable when the weather turns too!
  • Your business, your building- Your new workplace built by Timber Rooms is designed by you. Everything you need and everything you want is factored into the build, meaning no need for the costly refurb works an existing property may need to facilitate your needs. You choose what goes where from the doors and windows to the workstations and wash basins. You are in control and make your garden beauty salon come to life in your vision.
  • Private space- Located in your garden, customers can feel even more relaxed, especially if your garden is as stunning as your garden room salon! Away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre, clients can relax in your bespoke waiting room before heading into the studio for their treatments. The idyllic surrounds of your garden could well be the key to securing more custom!
  • Work-life balance – Perhaps one of the main reasons you have chosen to have your business based at home is that it enables you to bring a little balance to your life. You remain to keep work separate from home life but you are never too far from either should you want to take on extra work or have an extended break.

And remember, with the money saved on rent and other associated costs, you can put more into your marketing campaigns to help drive your business forward.

Garden salon ideas

Garden salon ideas

If you are venturing into a new beauty business but are unsure if a garden beauty salon is the right option to take, you should look at the versatility they provide. Built to your specifications, a bespoke Timber Rooms construction can provide you with more than one use, allowing your business and social life to benefit. At the design stage, we can factor in storage, so that come the end of the working day, your workstations can be stored away and provide you with a room to host friends, for you to complete a workout in a garden gym, or just somewhere for you to relax, away from a busy house.

Common garden salons we have people ask us to create include:

  • Nail bars
  • Tanning studios
  • Makeup studios
  • Yoga retreats
  • Hairdressing studios
  • Massage parlours
  • Therapy rooms

And so many more. In some cases, people even combine a hot tub garden room or a garden sauna room, to add an extra dose of relaxation to their business offering!

view of range of garden pods, perfect for a garden salon

Garden beauty rooms requirements

Garden beauty rooms requirements

At Timber Rooms, whilst we work to make sure your vision comes to fruition, we do need to be mindful of regulations both for ourselves and your business. At present, planning permission for a garden salon is only required if:

  • Your garden salon is more than two floors high.
  • Your garden salon is a permanent residence for someone.
  • The garden salon takes up more than 50% of the garden surface.
  • The garden salon passes the front of your house.
  • The height of the eaves exceeds 2.5m
  • The overall height of the garden salon is more than 4m on an apex or reverse apex roof.
  • The overall height of the garden salon is more than 3m on any other roof type.


Start the process of starting your home business with help from Timber Rooms. Your garden salon ideas are something we love to hear about and our team cannot wait to help you change your empty space into something truly special. With a dedicated team of construction professionals ready to turn your dream into reality, contact us today.

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