Garden Play House

Let Timber Rooms help you reduce the kids’ screen time with the introduction of a garden play house to the home. Crafted with creativity in mind, our playrooms are suitable for kids of all ages.

Whether it be somewhere for them to act out their superhero fantasies by dressing up as Black Panther, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman, or somewhere they can escape from intrusive parents so they can have their own downtime, a garden playroom gives children of all ages their own haven where their wide-ranging imaginations can be fully satisfied whilst staying safe within the borders of the home.

Our team at Timber Rooms are ready to turn your empty garden into a world of wonder for your children, simply get in touch with our team of expert craftsmen today so we can start work on your bespoke creation.

Why choose a play house for the garden?

Why choose a play house for the garden?

As parents, we always want our kids to be happy and giving them somewhere to fully indulge themselves in a wide range of activities is certainly going to put a smile on their faces. Just think about the options such a room could give!

  • Sleepover spot
  • Art and crafts room
  • Roleplay zone
  • Toy and games zone
  • Party game hub
  • Secret hideout

And so many more! What’s even better is that these rooms can be completely multi-purpose, so as the children get older, you can simply swap its purpose to match their needs! (And when they move out, you can convert it to a golf studio garden room or a garden gym!)

At Timber Rooms, all of our rooms come with a 10 year structural guarantee too so its built to last, no matter what you use it for!

Start Your Garden Play House Plans

Designing your wooden garden play house

Designing your wooden garden play house

When you settle upon the idea of a children’s garden play house, you will no doubt have hundreds of plans for it and hopes on how it will deliver years of fun to the children that live there now and perhaps the ones that live there in the future.

Choosing Timber Rooms to construct it for you means that your garden play house will last a lifetime and provide all that use it with valuable memories.

We begin with meeting you at your property so you can indulge us in exactly how you want the kids’ new world of excitement and adventure to pan out. We then assess the land, the space, and your requirements to see what we can do.

Our design team then set to work.  Laying out a plan for your wooden garden play house, they ensure that each requirement you have mentioned is included. You won’t need planning permission to add a garden room so you can have free reign as long as it fits within the permitted rights of the home.

Our designers will then present you with several 3D drawings detailing your play house and its specifications. If you like what you see and are happy with the quote, we can then begin to organise a date to put a shovel in the ground and start the project.

Should you spot anything in the plans that need altering or have a new idea that you would like to see added. Just tell us. Our team will gladly adjust the plans and present you with a new set ready for you to approve.

Once the green light has been given by you, we get to work. Only using the finest materials and a team of experienced builders, we start to turn your empty space into a filled one. Your dream, into a reality. Using the same methods as those used in the construction of timber frame housing, the result is a sturdy, stunning and special wooden garden play house.

Bespoke Garden play houses

Bespoke Garden play houses

During the design stage, you may have specific requirements and our team is fully adept at meeting them. Should you need a power supply, extra windows, a water supply or maybe a gaming zone, just let us know during the design process. Your vision is our goal and whatever ideas spring to mind, share them with us! We want to build this playroom for your children almost as much as you want it for them so we will strive to include any feature you require.

This allows you to more or less run wild with ideas and as long as the garden play house doesn’t extend to two stories or more, take up more than 50% of the garden space, or be built in the grounds of a listed building, you won’t even need planning permission!

Our rooms, designed by you, are unique. They are your vision, for your children, and together we can bring them to life.

Sometimes though, simplicity is all you need and should designing or adding features not be necessary, you could look into the idea of a more simplified option that still delivers the same high quality. The garden pod.

A garden play house for all seasons

A garden play house for all seasons

Playtime doesn’t just stop when the seasons change and our wooden garden play house options provide your kids with 365 days of playtime fun. With soundproofing achievable and insulation as standard. Playtime can be any time with one of our garden play houses.

Heating can be added too should you want it with underfloor heating, electric radiators, or air con units all able to be added.

Garden play house costs

Garden play house costs

At Timber Rooms, we feel that transparency is important, so we never hide any costs associated with your garden room from you. From the day we price a job through to settling a payment, our team will always remain fully open and honest with you.

Your quote is unique to you too. Each job we take on is created with your exact needs at the heart of it. And should you see something during the design process you don’t like or are unsure of, just ask us about it. Our design team are extremely flexible and will alter the plans until you are happy.

Our pods are a little different and as they come in specific sizes, are charged at set rates. However, depending on how you customise it, you could see the price change a little if you alter what flooring or finish you decide on.

With a 10 year structural guarantee in place, your play house will deliver great value for money. We will also attend your property 3 months after completion to rectify any minor problems that may have come about from the build. Just speak to our team for more information!


So, if you want to add an element of fun to your garden for your kids to enjoy for years to come, speak to the Timber Rooms team and let’s create something special!

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