Garden Man Cave

Your haven from the wife and kids, your hideaway for gaming and poker, your place to join your mates and watch the football, your own back garden pub and chill-out room. Whatever the purpose, garden man caves have become a much wanted and enjoyed garden addition.

With the opportunity for a year-round escape from the house, whilst never leaving the grounds, you can embrace your inner child or act as manly as you like in your own bespoke room set in your garden.

But what do you put in it and how do you get it built? That’s where Timber Rooms come into action, as our team of construction experts transform your best garden man cave ideas in Sussex, Surrey and beyond into a reality.

Designing garden man caves

Designing garden man caves

We know you want your garden man cave to be a place where you can let yourself be yourself and fully dive into your hobbies and interests free from judgment and interference. Perhaps you want a garden man cave to be a place where you can rock out and play your guitar or drums loud and free of any inhibitions. Maybe you want somewhere to create a social hub for you and your friends. A quick call to our Sussex based team at Timber Rooms can get things moving.

We start with having a chat, you can outline your plans of how you want to turn this garden space into one of the best garden man caves around. We will listen, perhaps even with a little jealousy that we haven’t considered making our garden room at home like this!

Equipped with the knowledge of how you want the man cave in your garden to look, we attend your home. Our experienced and friendly team will take a look at the land, the space, and the budget and then carefully compose the plan for a garden man cave that matches your wishes. Is the sunlight going to be an issue when you are gaming, chilling or jamming? Then we’ll factor in the positioning of the room and its windows. Are you going to need a water supply to help keep the drinks flowing when you and your mates are immersed in a Super Sunday? Then we’ll look at the plumbing options. Want soundproofing, heating or specific doors? We will factor that, and more into your design too.

With our expert eye and your vision, our team of designers set to work and craft a set of 3D drawings illustrating how your garden man cave will look both on the interior and exterior.  If you like it, then happy days! We can get settled on a date to begin the build. If you spot some bits you aren’t too keen on, just tell us. Our team are always happy to alter a design until it matches just what you want.

Start your garden man cave plans

Garden man cave ideas

Garden man cave ideas

What if you haven’t reached the stage yet of knowing what you really want your garden man cave for? Maybe it’s just an idea. You want a space to break free from all of life’s trappings but when you are in that space, what are you going to do? We’ve listed some of our favourite garden man cave ideas in the UK that we have either built ourselves or have seen elsewhere.

Games room

Poker, video games, board games and whatever else you may like to play, you can enjoy them all free from disturbances in your garden man cave. Fit it out with some comfy sofas, a good sound system and maybe a bar and you’ve got the ideal spot for any kind of gaming activity.

Home cinema

With a screen as wide as the wall, a Cineworld pass will no longer be needed as you get together with your mates for the best films with the loudest sound on the comfiest recliners around! Factor in mood lighting to help increase the fear in a horror film or the tension in an action flick!

Sports bar

Do you often get moaned at for wanting to watch the football every weekend and hogging the living room? Maybe you spend too much time and money down the pub or at the game? Let your own sports bar get you close to the action but also close to home. Saving on those expensive pub pints and the rain-soaked walk home. Add in a dart board, pool table and the bar snacks, and you’ve brought the pub to you!

Hobby room

Do you like to tinker with model planes? Perhaps indulge in a spot of art? Or maybe you are trying to refine your sound as a musician. A bespoke garden man cave from Timber Rooms will allow you to spend time doing all these things without ever getting in the way or making too much noise. With soundproofing an option too, why not form that band you always spoke of?!


You might remember your dad or Grandad telling you they were going to “the shed” to complete some particular job that needed doing. It may have sounded boring when you were younger, but now, when you realise that their escape to “the shed” was really to escape the house and indulge in interests, it suddenly becomes the garden shed man cave. Woodwork is messy by nature, so adding your own garden shed man cave for you to partake in a little craftsmanship isn’t a bad idea! You can build that item of furniture, have your music playing, make as much mess as you like and enjoy the additions you have introduced to the room. A cold beer after you’ve sanded your latest build? Why not!


You could also consider a garden golf room as the addition to your man cave. Or maybe a garden gym room could complement it well?

Bespoke garden man caves

Bespoke garden man caves

At Timber Rooms, we work to build your vision. Each timber garden room we build is unique and matches the dream and idea of the owner. Using the same methods as used in the building of timber frame houses and only the highest quality materials, we carefully transform your garden man cave from a thought to a plan, to a reality.

We factor in the flooring options, heating options, the connection to mains power and lighting. We look at size, shape, windows and doors, and make sure that each aspect matches your plan for the perfect garden shed man cave.  And, if your cave needs some outside attraction, for you and your fellow cavemen to benefit from, let us know, and we can add a verandah to further enhance its quality.

And like we said earlier, if in the design process, you see a few things you aren’t sure of, just tell us, we will always change the design before building to make sure you end up with the man cave for your garden that you wanted.

All of our garden man caves also come fully insulated too, so if a late-night gaming session in the middle of winter is showing no sign of ending, or an afternoon watching the football in the summer is occupying your time, you’ll be perfectly cosy, keeping the warm in and cold out as necessary. It may be a cave in name, but it’s not got any of that natural stone cold!

Why a garden man cave and not an extension?

Why a garden man cave and not an extension?

We get asked this a lot about the garden rooms we build. An extension seems to be the default choice for many, but a garden room gives you so much more! When you add your garden man cave rather than an extension, you can have a little more freedom, a little more independence. With total separation from the house, you are away from disturbances and can enjoy total privacy. Depending on the reason for building a man cave, your family members may appreciate that too!

Not only do you gain that freedom, but you save money too. For the most part, regardless of what your man cave is going to be for, it’ll come in significantly cheaper than an extension whilst still adding similar, or even more value to the home.

Perhaps a further additional benefit of a garden man cave compared to an extension is that it can be dual purpose. Got guests staying but no spare bedrooms? Use the man cave!

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Affordable man caves for the garden

Affordable man caves for the garden

Any form of home improvement is often met with worries about the cost and that is understandable. At Timber Rooms, we believe in full transparency and will always keep you fully informed of costs, timescales and updates. That way, we believe you can remain confident that you are getting the best possible service for your money.

Once you have signed off on our design, we provide you with a quote unique to your garden man cave. With your agreement to proceed, we can arrange a date for the work to begin. We simply ask for a 25% deposit and then we get to work. To keep costs affordable and not cause significant dents to your outgoings, we set up a payment plan that covers the duration of your man cave being built. This then leaves just 5% of the bill remaining to be paid upon completion.

We don’t limit our value for money service just to the building of a man cave for your garden, we also take time to show you each aspect of your new garden addition. Our team will show you where everything is and how everything works so you can get instant enjoyment out of it and start planning its future uses.

It doesn’t end there though, our man caves for your garden come with a ten-year structural guarantee as well as the opportunity to call us out for up to three months after completion for us to rectify any small errors you may have detected.

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Do I need planning permission for a garden man cave in Sussex or Surrey?

Do I need planning permission for a garden man cave in Sussex or Surrey?

You’ll be pleased to know that a garden man cave is one of the additions to your property that won’t require planning permission across sussex and Surrey. Falling under permitted rights, you can add a bespoke garden shed man cave to your garden without fear of being pulled up by the local authorities for breaching any rules.

That being said, some people let their vision run away with them and aim to have something that would require specific authorization. Our team will always be able to advise during the design process of any potential encroachments of the regulations you may make. In the meantime, though, factor the following into your garden man cave ideas and you’ll not fall foul of any regulations:

  • Your garden man cave must not have more than two floors.
  • The man cave in your garden must not take up more than 50% of the garden surface.
  • The garden room should not pass the front of your house.
  • You should not allow your garden man cave to become a permanent residence for anyone.
  • The height of your man cave must not exceed 4m on an apex or reverse apex roof.
  • The overall height must not exceed 3m on any other roof type.
  • The eaves must not be higher than 2.5m
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