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Your garden doesn’t have to be all about the greenery, it can also be about the games! A garden games room from Timber Rooms gives you, your family, and your friends the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bespoke games room that encapsulates a whole host of relaxing activities that allow you to wind down, zone out and just relax!

Whether it be a fully equipped gaming room where you have a big screen, powerful console, and full-on sound, or a pool table accompanied by a darts board, a bar and some typical pub games, your garden games room can be whatever you want it to be.

Picture it now. You fancy a game of pool with your friends, but the local pub table never works, and the drinks are too expensive. Or maybe your kids love gaming and enjoy seeing their Minecraft exploits on the big screen. Perhaps you enjoy carefully curating your Warhammer characters and need a space to plot a game strategy, or maybe after a hard week of work, dealing a few hands of poker with your pals is right up your street.

A garden games room and bar, or without a bar if you prefer, is your solution. A perfect paradise away from home, but still very much at home, where you can enjoy all your favourite pastimes without having to spend a fortune to do so!

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Building a games room in the garden

Building a games room in the garden

Your garden games room can be exactly what you want it to be, and our team at Timber Rooms can make that vision turn into a reality with one of our bespoke garden rooms. We use the finest materials to create a structure that not only looks incredible but is built to last so you can enjoy immersing yourself in games and activities for years to come. A 10-year structural guarantee comes as standard, giving you full confidence that the games room in your garden will be an investment set to give you years of enjoyment.

Built with the same construction methods as those used in timber frame house building, you can rely on a games room for garden from Timber Rooms to be something of exceptional quality.

How do we do it though?

Firstly, we listen to you. We find out exactly what garden games room ideas you have, what you want to achieve and any specific requirements you want us to factor in.

Then, we visit your property and chat with you about your ideas and how they could or couldn’t work. We are always fully transparent with you, so you will never have to worry about false promises or unrealistic expectations.

Once we have assessed the land and dived a little deeper into what you want from your garden games room, we set about designing it.

Our expert design team will go away with your vision and their skills to plan the perfect game room for your garden. They will factor in the need for power supplies, heating, water and more to give you the perfect games room set-up. They will then present you with a set of detailed 3D drawings that show you exactly how your games room will look.

If you then give us the green light, you simply book our team of Timber Room builders who will then attend the property and get started. They will then remain on site until your games room and bar are completed.

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The benefits of a garden games room

The benefits of a garden games room

Adding a garden games room and bar, or just a games room, stands to deliver plenty of benefits to the home. Many of which you will benefit from the moment you start using it but one could see you benefit when you come to sell the home too. In mid-2023, research showed that the addition of a stunning garden room, whether it be bespoke or pre-made, could add almost 10% to the value of your home. Not to be sniffed at when we are currently seeing the house prices in the UK at their most uncertain.

Of course, though, your main benefits are the ones you stand to get when you live in the property. A games room for the garden delivers:

  • Money-saving opportunities as you can enjoy what you were doing at a pub, at home!
  • A Social hub for you and your friends
  • A hobby space allowing you to have downtime from a hectic household
  • The chance for a full-on gaming set-up with loud sounds and big screens
  • A multi-functional room that can be used for more than one purpose
  • A kid’s playroom that doubles up as a perfect party venue
  • A bar that’s open 24/7 (if you add a bar of course!)

Multi-use garden games room and bar

Multi-use garden games room and bar

Of course, you may want to use your games room for more than just keeping yourself entertained and at Timber Rooms, when we work through the design process with you, we factor in all of your needs. Want it to be optimised as a garden gym room when you aren’t gaming? No problem, let’s factor in storage and floor space that lets you benefit from both. Need a garden play house that keeps the kids active when screen time has got a little much? Of course! Let us construct areas within your room that encourage play that doesn’t involve a console or controller! Want a meeting space for your colleagues that’s away from the office or the pub? Easy! Just bring them to your games room, and you’ve brought the pub to them and given them a place to feel a little more relaxed. Simply let us know your aims when you start to plan your insulated garden games room with us.

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How much does a garden games room cost?

How much does a garden games room cost?

At Timber Rooms, we believe in honesty and transparency throughout the entire process of constructing the games room for your garden and keep costs within your budget, always keeping you informed of developments or necessary changes.

Of course, the only costs we cannot control are what pool table you opt for, what games console you choose or how much you spend on board games!  With everything garden room related though You can trust Timber Rooms to work with your best interests at heart.

When we visit your property and start to work with you on the design process, we construct a quote unique to you. Each aspect of what you want to have added to your room is carefully factored in and accounted for so you see a true representation of the costs the full project will accrue. Then, if you see something you aren’t happy with or feel could be changed to either save you some cash or enhance part of the games room in your garden, just let us know. Our designers will gladly change the plans to match your ideas and your budget.

With pods, or garden shed games rooms, things are a little different. They come in three specific sizes, each with a set price, the only additional costs come when you add specific flooring, doors, and paint packs or ask us to complete the construction for you.

We want you to feel 100% satisfied with your garden games room and bar so offer not only the 10-year structural guarantee but also promise to attend your property for up to three months after completion to rectify any minor problems the installation may have encountered. Just ask our team to find out more.

Planning permission and requirements for building a games room in the garden

Planning permission and requirements for building a games room in the garden

You’ll be pleased to know that in most cases, you won’t need any special permissions to get your garden games room plans up and running. For the most part, rooms like this fall under what is known as permitted developments. This means you can add a fantastic games room to your garden without fear of the local authority penalizing you. Just be aware, if your garden room has a bar added to it and you want to sell your drinks, you will be in breach of licensing laws as you’ll technically be a pub!

Our team are on hand to guide you through the process so you have no need to worry about being in breach of planning rules but should your room be likely to include any of the following aspects, you will need to seek permission from the council.

  • Your garden games room is more than 2 floors
  • Your garden games room is built for permanent residential use
  • The eaves of your garden games room and bar are at a height of more than 2.5m
  • The overall height of the games room in your garden is over 4m on an apex or reverse apex roof
  • The overall height is more than 3m on any other roof
  • The space of the games room takes up more than 50% of your garden surface
  • The garden room passes the front wall of your house
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