Large Home Office

large home office in the garden

Many entrepreneurs and business owners run their businesses from home and for some that means using a spare bedroom or stealing some space at the kitchen table. Whilst this can work, having your own private office in the garden ensures that you are as professional and efficient as can be with a mere few steps of a commute.

This example of an office is larger than the average and boasts substantial desk space and library/meeting area for researching and talking to clients.

garden office meeting area

Externally, the build is finished with cedar cladding and anthracite grey doors and windows. Internally an oak floor and oak skirting boards compliment the dark blue walls and rustic furniture creating an environment to boost focus and encourage a relaxing work space.

This particular Garden Room is linked to an existing outbuilding which has full kitchen and bathroom facilities ensuring it is fully self sufficient, allowing the user to feel that they are at work despite being a short distance from the house.

To see more of our bespoke designs please visit our gallery. If you would like more information and to book a free site survey please call us on 01273 839491 or email

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