Where Does Everyone Sleep At Christmas?

The festive season is fast approaching. The keen and more organised of us have already put up trees and decorations, the shops are full of festive goodies, the kids are trying to impress Santa and we have all decided who is going where to enjoy some serious eating and drinking.

Now, it's all well and good knowing who is coming to stay but where on earth are they all going to sleep and how does anyone manage to get any time to themselves to sit in their new socks reading the latest autobiography? Maybe the kids are giving up their beds this year which always used to fill me with dread. Unwanted relatives in my bed for a few days while I slept on the sofa was the last thing I wanted to give away over the festive period, despite it being a time for giving. Another option is the blow up bed in the living room. Pumping it up every night after more than a reasonable amount of wine and beer only be to attacked by pets and children all too early in the morning.

None of this inspires or encourages me to have a decent amount of friends and family to stay for Christmas, even though I look forward to it for weeks and the build up is so exciting. I tend to find the day itself arrives and everyone is getting under each others feet, once you have cooked, eaten and tidied up there is nowhere left for you to sit and relax and it ends up being somewhat of an anti climax.

Well, not this year. This year, my garden room is ready for guests. It sits at the bottom of the garden and is split in to two rooms, a small office and large living room with king sized sofa bed. So not only are we having relatives to stay for two weeks but we also have two living room options and a quiet space to sit and read or for the kids to play with new toys. So this year I am my usual excited self, eagerly anticipating the arrival of friends and family and I am also comfortable in the knowledge that we have enough space for everyone to sleep and relax in more comfort that we have before.

So to coin an annual cliche, I think this year is going to be the best Christmas ever.

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