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For many a work life balance is considered to be of the utmost importance. I mean, where’s the fun in all work and no play?

With that in mind more and more people are opting to work from home. Some are self employed and run either all or part of their business from a laptop in a quiet corner of the house and some are remote workers, employees who do not have to be in the office day to day. Wherever you fall between these two categories or even if your situation is different, then working from home offers a great many possibilities, opportunities, freedoms and a level of productivity that can have profound benefits. That is, unless, you are sat at the dinner table or tucked into a corner and have all the distractions and potential procrastination obstacles that would hinder this otherwise zen like work life.

The perfect solution to this is to create a home office that is separate to the house where you don’t have to pack all your things away at the end of each day and you can “commute” to all the way down the garden and create just enough separation from your working life and your home life that will take your sanity and productivity to the next level.

There are many considerations when it comes to thinking about a home office.

  • How big should it be?

  • What furniture do I want to put in there?

  • Will I get internet access?

  • Can I use it all year round?

These are just a few that we hear and there are many more but at Timber Rooms we have seen it all and can impartially advise you as to how you could lay the room out and what options are possible to make it the perfect working environment.

Call us today to have a chat about your garden office ideas and we can let you in to a few trade secrets!

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