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If you work as a physio, masseuse, reflexologist, reiki healer or similar, you may find that rental costs for your current workplace are costing significant sums and stopping you from getting the work life balance that you crave. Long commutes, high costs, and a poor location also add to the stress of running your own business away from home.

You could always consider a garden treatment room from Timber Rooms, your own bespoke workspace that removes all the stresses associated with sourcing a suitable facility elsewhere for you to run your business from.

Perfect as a base for all the treatments we mentioned above, as well as being ideal for psychotherapists, mental health workers, social workers and more, a garden treatment room gives you and your clients a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town or city, and instead, puts you in a harmonious setting where everyone reaps a benefit from its location.

Built to your exact specifications, your garden therapy room can be used for group or individual sessions and incorporate separate sections that provide users with features specific to their needs.

Constructed of the highest quality material, and with a 10-year structural guarantee, a treatment room built by Timber Rooms is a premium garden room that serves as an ideal haven for your clients in idyllic surroundings.

Start the plans to bring your treatment room to the garden today by reaching out to our experts.

Garden treatment room design tips

Garden treatment room design tips

Before you settle on the idea of using your garden as a base for your garden treatment or therapy room, you should weigh up whether it will be possible to create the ambience, style and appearance that merits its purpose. In terms of design, we can assist in making a truly welcoming room that people can enjoy. In terms of character, that is where you step in!

When planning your garden treatment room, look at how calming and relaxing you can make the environment. Consider access to natural as well as artificial light. Add in plants and flowers, adorn it with furnishings that allow people to feel comfortable, and perhaps look at the wall décor to help add a sense of calm. Then from a business perspective, do you need more floor space for the treatments provide, or is much of the therapy done verbally so more space for tables and chairs could be of use. Then think about sessions. Will they be group, or individual?

With varying sessions potentially on offer, you may also want to factor in changing or toilet facilities. In some cases, a small kitchen area may be of benefit too. A counselling session for example can often be much easier with a cup of tea. A massage appointment can be much easier if there is an on-site changing room.

A Timber Rooms garden treatment room can facilitate all this and with water and electricity connection possible, you can add plenty of extra benefits that assist both you and your clients. You could even look at the addition of a hot tub garden room if you offer hydrotherapy, or a garden gym room if physical exertion forms part of the treatment.

Start your garden treatment room Plans

Treatment room in your garden

Treatment room in your garden

A treatment room in your garden provides you with an area that can offer fantastic benefits to both you and the people who use your service. Of course, the needs are different for each treatment specialism, and that is why at Timber Rooms, we work with you to help create something that helps you provide a first-class level of service to all who use the facility.

Our bespoke treatment rooms are made using the same methods as timber frame housing, allowing for a sturdy, attractive, long-lasting build that serves many purposes.

We begin the process when you give us a call or drop us an email. We listen to your needs to see exactly what you are looking for. We will then attend your property to assess how your vision can turn into reality. Our expert team of designers then carefully listen to your treatment room plans and see how they can be worked into the space you have. They will factor in visitor privacy, comfort and accessibility. They will investigate connections to power, the need for ventilation and amenities. All with the goal of creating your treatment room in your vision.

Whatever the kind of therapy you offer, our team can considerately factor your needs into the design. With your brief given to us, our design team gets to work, they will then present you with a set of 3D drawings that show exactly how we can accommodate your needs.

Should you approve, we can then set a date to begin the work of adding a treatment room to your garden. If you spot something in the plans you don’t like though, just let us know, we will then amend them to satisfy your needs.

With work beginning, we send the same team each day to build your treatment or therapy garden room. We believe that familiarity helps build a connection between our clients and us, and to us, that is important.

Once complete, you are free to start seeing the benefits of your garden treatment room grow. And, should any minor issues need fixing once you are in business, just let us know. Our team will attend for up to three months to correct anything that needs changing.

What are the benefits of having a garden therapy room?

What are the benefits of having a garden therapy room?

A garden therapy room provides you with a fantastic way to save money, maintain a good work-life balance and perhaps, ultimately, provide clients with a relaxing, welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for them to receive their relative treatments and therapies.

The key benefits we see from many who ask Timber Rooms to construct their garden therapy room include:

  • A better work-life balance.
  • A save on the commute.
  • No rental costs for expensive town centre property.
  • No restrictions on opening hours.
  • A space where clients can feel more relaxed.
  • More opportunity to spend cash on other aspects of the business.

Of course, you may find many other benefits during your time running your treatment or therapy room from your garden and that is perhaps, another benefit itself. That you can make this room what you want it to be!

Contact our team today and let us work with you to help create the perfect, idyllic garden treatment room for you and your clients.

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