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Thames Ditton - Surrey

The world is a much smaller place now than ever before. Not that I am suggesting it is shrinking of course but with a broadband connection you can more or less live and work anywhere and deal with multiple people in real time in any country. Scale that back a little to simply running a business in the UK and the need to be in an office between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday is fast becoming unnecessary. Studies have shown that people who work from home are considerably more productive than those in an office. Why? Partly down to fewer distractions and office politics and partly down to the fact that we are not limited to that traditional work day and work week.

Now, this is all well and good but if you are trying to run a business from the spare bedroom or the dining table there can of course be many more distractions than in the office. It is also difficult to maintain a clear boundary between work and home. This was exactly the issue for a couple in Thames Ditton in Surrey. They had a growing tech business which occupied the spare room and with a growing family needed to branch out. Renting office space can however be costly and is not what most people would consider to be an investment. This is where we came in. See our garden home office services.

This is one of the smaller gardens we have worked in and the footprint was an obscure shape. Often people have to compromise by losing a portion of the garden in cases like this but not with our bespoke service. We designed the Garden Room to perfectly fit the available space-maintaining access to the back gate and creating a truly unique building. Due to the nature of the business and therefore the office requirements we installed cat 6 cabling to allow internet and VOIP phone functionality with sockets and data points above the desk. An alarm system was also fitted to allow the owners peace of mind due to the amount of equipment in the building.

Outside, the room was finished with our trademark cedar cladding and a beautiful set of aluminium bi-fold doors opening onto a large composite deck. This made the most of the small garden and created a maintenance-free, year-round space that flowed from the house.

Working like this gives you freedom and it has certainly benefitted the client. Their business had grown and continues to go from strength to strength, plus with the Garden Room adding value to their home it is an investment for the future rather than spending money on rented office space and being tied to the location.

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