Living/Spare Room with En Suite

A common conversation we have with clients is that need for more space. An extension of the home that allows flexibility to be used to relax, entertain and as additional accommodation. Here we have a fantastic example of what many people are looking for. This Garden Room is split in to two separate rooms. The main section has a large comfortable sofa bed so on a daily basis can be used to sit and relax, read or chat. With large french doors opening on to the patio it enhances the outside space and makes entertaining in the garden a real event. The second room is a full en suite, so when the sofa bed is out and guests come to stay they have their own space and freedom. Externally the building

Tiny Working Studio

When discussing the design of a Garden Room we often advise that it is prudent to maximise the available space. By that we mean there is little point in having a large room just for the sake of it as we believe that a well designed and planned space is simply better all round. You do not eat in to the garden unnecessarily and also do not overspend on a room that will not be used to its full potential. This Garden Studio is a wonderful example of both building something perfectly fit for purpose and just what can be achieved with a bespoke building. The garden of this terraced house was already well designed and offered a beautiful mini sanctuary to relax and enjoy. The remit for this Garden

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