Truly Bespoke Garden Office

We often say that we can build any size and any shape to suit that particular spot in your garden. It seems somewhat of a waste to limit designs to square or rectangular buildings when an unusual shape would make the best use of the available space. This Garden Room is an excellent example of just that. We designed and built a surprisingly spacious home office right at the corner of the house. The shape is not that easy to describe, it is an L shape of sorts but with only a couple of right angles allowing plenty of office space and access around the building to the side of the property. With a raised lawn to one side it was decided during the build to add more windows in order to make the mo

Fabulous Garden Room Location

We are extremely fortunate at Timber Rooms to be able to design and build bespoke Garden Rooms. It allows us the freedom to express ourselves creatively and occasionally make bold statements in people's gardens that leave a lasting impression. With that said however, there is no substitute for "location location location" as they say in the property world and when the two come together there can be some truly spectacular results. None more so than this striking Garden Room with panoramic views of the West Sussex countryside. Nestled neatly within farm land near Bosham, there are few properties that can boast such wonderfully uninterrupted views and as such the remit here was to maximise that

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